• Would  you  like your child to speak fluent French or Spanish, but you can’t take him to class?
  • Just  looking for the best French and Spanish school that specializes in teaching children (from 3 years old) online?
  • Perhaps you would appreciate  a well-rounded curriculum  planned for a few years of study, based on an attractive concept?
  • Would you like to rest assured  that the classes have been carefully tailored for your child?
  • Is it important for you that your child has a good relationship with the teacher who watches over his or her progress and  is keen to motivate  students in a creative way?
  • Do results matter to you?

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About us


We will teach young children (3 to 5 years old), children who start school (6-8 years old) and older children (9-12 years old)  excellent French and turn them into huge fans of this language.

We will prepare your child for the international DELF and DELE JUNIOR exam.


We have 12 years of experience as well as thousands of students and satisfied parents  all over the world. We are experts  in teaching children. We have developed our own program called Les Petits Français Method/Los Pequeños Españoles, with many licences granted to renowned schools and institutions. Clients who have trusted us include  Alliances Français in Poland and worldwide.

Modele współpracy - Les Petits Francais

All our materials have been adapted to online teaching


For children aged 3-6 and 6-8 years

Classes are based on  the Les Petits Français / Los Pequeños Españoles method.

  • The first stage of the method, designed for children aged 3 to 6 years. Includes courses Minia and Yaroslav (3-5 years) and Minia and Yaroslav Around the World (6 years).
  • The next part – Minia, Yaroslav and I for children aged 6-8 consists of a continuation part for those who have already started their language adventure at  kindergarden and a beginner part for children who are starting it  at early school age.

The learning process is based on  sentences which can be immediately used in children’s everyday life and allow them to express their needs, emotions, tastes and preferences. To support  them and to make the  activities attractive and engaging, we use a  rich selection of materials we have prepared: original songs, board games, illustrations, work cards, scenes and photo stories and exercise books (for children who can write).

Teaching toys

In the classroom the child discovers French and Spanish in a completely natural way, just like his or her mother tongue: through laughter, play, all the senses, movement, dance and singing. The children are accompanied by two nice toys: the touching and emotional Sheep Minia and her responsible and sensible friend Dog Yaroslav.

Each class begins with special songs that take the children to the magical world of Little France / Little Spain, where they speak only French / Spanish.  There, together with Mina and Yaroslav, the children experience their small and bigger adventures, and  they simultaneously  learn to speak and understand the target language.

Metoda Les Petits Francais

For children 9-10 and 10-12 years old

We use the best programs adapted to online teaching and  enrich them with our original teaching resources. We have developed  LES POLYGLOTTES,  a program which not only  encourages children to use the language in practice, but  also gives them  a lot of  fun.

The interactions of a crazy Polyglottes family : Agathe, Martin, Anthony, François and Marc the Alien allow  for systematic introduction of a variety of scenes and inspire  to practice life-like  mini dialogues and to repeat the structures introduced by standard  methods available on the market, but  in new, interesting contexts.

Our original games encourage to use the language in practice, in tune with the curriculum  of standard market methods  but in a more interesting way, following a spiral structure : each activity involves many lexical fields at once, which prevents  a child from forgetting  the material which is being taught.

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